Childhood Memories & Other WEM Matters

Good Evening.  A few matters to bring to your attention – sort of a mini-update.

1.  The Vancouver Sun recently published an article by John Mackie to commemorate the opening of the new Granville Street Bridge on Feb. 4, 1954.  Evidently is was then the only eight-lane bridge on the continent outside of New York City.  This may bring back some memories that people might wish to share.
2. In the same paper was a report about a UBC study to look at fitness of over 65 year old persons.  The researchers got a grant of $332,399 for their two year study of 500 people.  Good luck to them.  I am struck by the irony of how much dough they are getting for their study in comparison to our poor cousin WEM undertaking that I believe is at least equally significant.  Sure would be nice to have a generous patron or sponsor.  Do we know any wealthy, kind West End alums?
3. Also in that edition of the Sun was a story on 94 year old Olga Kotelko who is still running in Seniors Track and Field events.  I’ll bet that some of our old WE gals would give her a run for her money if they were still at it.  A book just written about her is entitled, ‘What Makes Olga Run?” if you are interested.  Back in 1972 I had the pleasure of taking Olga, her daughter and 30 other teachers to Europe to study physical education there.  NB I am pretty certain that this had no influence on her passion for running.
4.  Diane Matier (Neibel) has suggested that others might be interested in completing a Childhood Memories questionnaire that I have been using to collect stories from adults for the past 20 years about their childhood play.  She feels that it may facilitate sharing of stories and anecdotes about childhood, particularly from those who would prefer to answer questions rather than compose things on their own. So, I am attaching a copy of the Childhood Memories form for people to consider.  Please take this as an invitation to contribute in that manner to WE Memories if you find it useful for that purpose.
5. King George 100th Celebration.  I understand that this is likely to be the last week in Sept or the first week in Oct of this year.  I will let you know as soon as I find out more.
6.  We recently finished a second draft of a Prospectus for WEM.  The main person putting it together for us was Matthew Giquel, our graphic designer friend and colleague from Half Moon Bay.  Thanks Matthew!  We will send it out to you soon.
7.  Old friend Herb Nolan sent along a wonderful Juke Box collection of songs from the early days.  When we next gather we should certainly play some of the old favorites.  Thank you Herb.
8. Roy & Lynn Broman & I recently did a bit of a Walkabout along Denman Street and around English Bay.  Lynn kindly sent me some photos that he took.  I will try to forward them in an email in the next while.
As Bugs Bunny used to say in the old Bay Theatre cartoons,   “That’s All Folks”.  (our was it Elmer Fudd?)

One thought on “Childhood Memories & Other WEM Matters

  1. The King George Secondary School 100th Anniversary Reunion will be taking place on October 3rd & 4th, 2014 – you can like us on facebook (, and please pass along the link to other KG alumni and West Enders – thank you in advance!

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